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So you’ve decided to start a blog, you have your ideas for topics, and you’re ready to take the next step towards accomplishing your goals. But what about a blog name?

It can be hard to choose a blog name. You want to love it, you want it to make sense, and you also want it to be easy for readers to remember. That can be a tall order to fill!

Choosing a name is super important as it’s the first impression you give to potential readers.

It needs to be catchy, professional, and encompass what your blog is all about.

You also want to make sure it has longevity because changing your blog name later can be a hassle and lead to issues with URL’s you may have promoted on Pinterest or elsewhere.

It’s a pain and you want to get it right the first time to avoid that frustration – no pressure!

Read on for some quick tips on how to choose a blog name and brainstorming ideas. As well as examples of great blog names used by established, successful blogs to give you some blog name inspiration!

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Does Blog Name Matter?
Blog Name Examples
What to Avoid When Choosing a Blog Name

How to Choose a Blog Name

Choose the perfect blog name by following these simple steps:

1. First choose what type of blog you will create.

When you start a blog, you need to have a niche or some topics in mind. It likely will not do well if it’s simply your online diary. That’s okay, but you shouldn’t expect to be able to monetize it.

Choose a niche or topics that you personally enjoy writing about, and you think people will be seeking.  Some ideas are:

2. Gather related keywords

Search for words related to your niche on Pinterest, social media and Google. Note words that jump out to you or you think might make a good blog name (or part of a blog name). Use this opportunity to brainstorm more related words to what you’re already finding. You may also want to check out competitor sites and note keyword ideas there, as well.

Examples for a travel niche:

3. Experiment with different combinations

Use these formulas to experiment with your keywords to create a winning blog combination.

Formula 1: [adjective or power word] + [noun]

Examples: Gallant Globetrotter, Joyful Jetsetter

Formula 2: [audience or topic] + [transformation] or [transformation] + [audience/topic]

Examples: Luxury Vagabond, The Cultured Voyager

Formula 3: [keyword] + [word that begins with the same letter or sound]

Examples: Bucket List on a Budget, Globetrotting Girlfriends, Endless Explorer

Formula 4: [noun] + [name]

Examples: Traveling Tina, Adventurous Annie

Formula 5: [noun] + [noun] 

Examples: Cruises and Culture, Palm Trees and Paradise

Formula 6: Simply + [topic]

Examples: Simply Healthy, Simply Stylish

Formula 7: Alter an existing word to create your own!

Examples: Paradiseo, Voyageur

Additional tips:

4. Make sure your blog name is available.

You can do this when you sign up with a blog host that gives you a free domain name, like BlueHost! We love BlueHost because it is super reliable, affordable, is easily integrated with WordPress sites, and offers 24/7 support which definitely comes in handy. 

Once you sign up for BlueHost, you will be able to input your desired domain name to see if it’s available or not. 

5. Start your blog!

If you’re just starting your blog, check out our recent articles on how to start a blog and how to promote your blog posts like a pro!

Does Blog Name Matter?

Blog name absolutely matters! It is your readers’ first impression of your blog and most marketers will agree that strong branding is of the utmost importance when it comes to growth.

There are a lot of fish in the sea, especially when it comes to blogs, so you need to stand out and be remembered. A name that captures your blog topic and unique voice, as well as is catchy and professional, can be what keeps you top of mind and help you lead the pack.

Blog Name Examples

Sometimes the easiest way to start brainstorming is by getting inspired by other blog names. All of these names are awesome because they’re memorable, unique but professional, and clearly tell you what the blog is about and the content you can expect to find there.

Here are some successful blog names in popular niches to help your wheels start turning:

Travel Blogs:

Finance Blogs:

Parenting Blogs:

Food Blogs:

Fashion Blogs:

What to Avoid When Choosing
a Blog Name

There are a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid when choosing a name for your blog. 

Choosing a domain name with an ending
other than .com

This can be tempting since domain names that don’t end in .com tend to be cheaper. However they come across as unprofessional, they’re harder to remember, and they don’t position you as an expert in your space.

Misspelling words

This one isn’t a hard rule, but definitely a best practice. This doesn’t apply when you’re following formula 7 above, this is a situation where you think you’re being cute or clever and spelling words that start with a c with a k, like “kupcakes” for example. This is going to be hard to remember and if readers can’t find you, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

Making it too long

A blog name that’s too long can be hard to remember and look unprofessional. Try to keep it under four words.

Using numbers

Another unprofessional look, using numbers in your blog name. You don’t want to look like a cheap knock off, you want to look like the real deal expert! Avoid using numbers like “How 2 Make Money” in blog names.

Using hyphens

Again, an unprofessional look. Hyphens can look tacky and can make it hard for readers to remember your blog name and URL. Avoid using hyphens.

Now that you’ve got your blog name, it’s time to launch your blog and
start making money.
Read our article on how to get started here!

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