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Are you launching a new blog or looking to make your current one a smashing success? Growing your blog traffic can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re starting from nothing!

It’s true that explosive growth doesn’t happen overnight, but with consistent effort and correct targeting you can make your viewership skyrocket.

In this article, we’ll share our top tips on how you can launch your blog and get 20,000 visitors a month using our own strategies, and the strategies of the experts. Let’s get into it!

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Top SEO Tools the Pros Use to Grow Blog Traffic

5 Steps to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Top SEO Tools the Pros Use to
Grow Blog Traffic

To grow your blog traffic at super speed, you’ll need an SEO tool. Use these to help you do keyword research that you can blog posts around, this will help you rank in the search engine results. We talk about utilizing long tail keywords to supercharge your blog traffic in the next section!

Here are some of the best options on the market:

5 Steps to Grow Your Blog Traffic

Grow your blog traffic in five easy steps:

  1. Write high quality content

  2. Collect emails

  3. Nurture your fanbase

  4. Share your blog posts where your customers are

  5. Write more often

Step 1: Write High Quality Content

Creating long, detailed content (at least 2000 words per post) will help you to get ranked in search engines like Google for long tail keywords. This is the key to growing quickly  as these long tail keywords are not as competitive. It will also help with step number two, as it positions you as an authority and someone that will provide immense value to the reader.  This is how you rank for search results (hello, free marketing!) and get readers coming back for more.

Step 2: Collect Emails

Collecting emails is one of the absolute best ways to grow your blog traffic and keep your current subscribers up to date on your most current blog posts and any products you may have or launch in the future.

Other than search traffic, email traffic is the most consistent form of traffic you can get.

So how do you collect emails so you can get that consistent traffic? The easiest way is to include pop ups and embedded forms on your website. Take it up a notch by offering potential subscribers something in return for their email address.

Email addresses tend to be sacred nowadays with how many emails people are bombarded with each day, so offering a freebie, bonus or discount (depending on your website) can be a great way to win a potential subscriber over and get them to hit submit.

This bonus content doesn’t have to be huge, it can be as simple as 2 extra exclusive tips that weren’t included in the blog article. Or it could be a 10% discount for a first time purchase on your shop.

You can get creative with this or keep it simple, just think about what your audience is looking for and keep it in line with what your blog post is about, this will help it convert even more.

Step 3: Nurture Your Fanbase

Your loyal following consists of your email subscribers and other readers that come back again and again for your fantastic content.

To nurture these people and keep them coming to your website, and therefore increasing your blog traffic, you’ll need to interact with them. 

In addition to responding to comments on your blog, the best way to do this is through your email marketing. As we mentioned in Step 2, you’ve got to collect emails to grow your blog.

Next, you’ll have to start emailing them to keep your relationship strong, and drive traffic to your blog.

This doesn’t mean personal emails, it means creating email campaigns that are valuable and pique their interest so they click the link to read your posts.

Create weekly campaigns that showcase your newest posts from the week, while simultaneously segmenting your list based on their opt-in and emailing them more specialized content. 

For example, if they opted in because of a freebie related to marketing, add a “marketing” tag to their email profile in your list. If they opted in because of a blogging-related freebie, add a “blogging” tag to their email profile in your list.

You can then create specific email campaigns that go just to the subscribers with those tags so that you can provide them with valuable content related to what they were actually searching for. You’d be amazed at how well this works at getting traffic to your blog!

Bonus: This will also help if at some point you decide to offer digital or physical products, courses, or consulting services. You already know who would be the ideal customer based on their segment!

You can offer products or courses related to marketing to the “marketing” list, blogging courses or products to the “blogging” list, and on and on. This really illustrates the power of intentional email marketing and nurturing your audience.

Step 4: Share your blog posts where your customers are

Professional advertisers use this trick all of the time to market big brands and products, promote where your customers already are.

It wouldn’t be wise to waste ad spend where your audience isn’t hanging out. You must understand who you are writing to and for in order to reach them and get their eyes on your blog.

Spend a few moments thinking about your ideal reader. Who are they? Where do they go when they’re online? Are they finding content to read on Pinterest, news sites, or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram?

This will very much depend on your niche and topics, but this understanding is paramount to driving traffic to your site. If you are sharing your content on platforms that your audience doesn’t go, then you won’t be getting any results!

Do a little research and try to get into the mind of your reader. If you’re already writing about your niche, chances are you’re interested in those topics.

Think about where you would go to find tips and new ideas related to those topics, beyond just entering a search into Google. This is an excellent place to start.

Step 5: Write More Often

It’s common sense to think that the more often you post, the more often you’re able to promote those posts and get more eyes on your blog.

Monthly traffic will increase over time as you gather more and more content on your blog. This is also where all of the previous steps come together.

Old posts that are ranking for those long tail keywords will keep people visiting your site. Your email marketing will be pointing subscribers to your newest posts and specialized content based on their segment.

And your social media promotions will also be driving new traffic your way with each new post you get to share on those channels.

As you can see, writing more often has a compounding effect when it comes to getting more visits to your blog! Just remember to follow step 1 and make sure the content is high quality even if you are upping your quantity.


Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to getting 20,000 visitors a month for your blog!

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