Interested in making money while you sleep? Who isn’t! Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online and with the proper strategies, it can be profitable and even somewhat passive.

Affiliate marketing always makes the list for our top work from home jobs and home business ideas because it doesn’t require you to produce anything, keep track of inventory, be chained to a schedule or limited by the hours in the day.

It can also be quite lucrative when done correctly! So if you’re looking to take advantage of all that affiliate marketing has to offer, or use it as a way to start monetizing your blog, we’ll dive into the best ways to make money with affiliate marketing and the best programs you can join.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?
How Do I Sign Up For Affiliate Programs?
The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where the publisher earns a commission by promoting a product, service, or brand made by another retailer or business, that a purchase results from. Usually the publisher has a unique code or link they can share that will track purchases so they’re paid a commission accordingly.

Basically, you recommend products or services, and get paid if those products or services are purchased.

This is a great way to businesses to be found and an effective marketing strategy, one that you can benefit from too. Whether you’re a blogger or create content on Youtube or social media, you can absolutely make a business out of affiliate marketing.

How Do I Sign Up For
Affiliate Programs?

To get unique links and codes so you can be paid for your referrals, you’ll have to sign up for affiliate programs and get approved.

You can do this by signing up for larger programs that have multiple brands and products to choose from, or you can apply to work with specific companies.

Most companies have an affiliate program these days, to see if they do and how you can get started, begin with a simple Google search.

Search for the company’s name + “affiliate program” and this will typically lead you to one of their pages detailing their affiliate program, application, and its requirements.

Once you’re approved, you will be given a unique link or code that you’ll need to include every time you reference the company or product. 

Each company or program has different rules and requirements, so make sure you read up on their program before you get started.

The Best Affiliate
Marketing Programs

The best affiliate marketing program for you will depend heavily on your content niche. For instance, if you’re a fashion influencer,  you won’t be wanting to sign up for programs that promote blogging tools and vice versa. 

The programs, and subsequently products and services offered need to align with your content.

Otherwise your audience isn’t going to trust you enough to actually go and make a purchase for something totally irrelevant to what you usually talk, write or post about.

That being said, here are the top affiliate marketing programs recommended by the affiliate marketing pros.

Choose to apply for ones that are aligned with your content and niche.

Specific Companies:

Large Programs With Multiple Brands and Products:

These are some of the most popular programs but it doesn’t always mean they will be the most profitable or the best fit for you.

Again, virtually every company has an affiliate program these days so think about products and brands that are complimentary to your content and will fit in seamlessly.

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