If you’ve been diving into the world of SEO (search engine optimization), you’ve no doubt come across SEMRush.

This pricey product helps with a plethora of SEO functions and research, as well as the ability to spy on your competitors and their keywords.

All this knowledge has a cost, so if you’re looking for an honest SEMrush review and wondering is SEMrush worth the money? Or, is SEMrush good for beginners? You’re in the right spot.

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First off, SEMrush SEMrush is a keyword research tool that allows users to access keyword and online ranking data. This can then be used for SEO, content marketing, and cost per click advertising. 

It offers insight into the world of search engine rankings so users can use that data and improve their site visibility in search results.

While it’s a very powerful tool, is it worth the money? Read on to see Modtrepreneur’s honest review of SEMrush.

In This Article:

Is SEMrush any good?

What does SEMrush actually do?

SEMrush Review

Is SEMrush worth it?

What are the limitations of SEMrush?

Benefits of SEMrush

Is SEMrush any good?

SEMrush does deliver a lot of value for the money. It has tons of reporting and ranking tools, and supplies tons of helpful information for SEO strategizing.

Which, as anyone that has explored SEO or is considering SEO for their blog or website, is extremely important as SEO is all about using data to drive traffic through keywords.

SEMrush gives you access to organic search information, as well as detailed pay-per-click (PPC) data and search intent insight.

This information you can gather from this tool can be used for content marketing, helping your product pages rank on the first page of Google, and strategizing link building campaigns.

It might seem like these are all advanced features for experts at SEO, but they can be used by beginners – like me!

I was able to find lots of information on Youtube and blogs that included tutorials and insight into how to use the most helpful features.

What does SEMrush actually do?

SEMrush is an SEO tool used to do keyword research. It also allows you to essentially “spy” on your competitors and see where their backlinks are coming from and which keywords they are ranking for.

Of these keywords you can see the search volume and keyword difficulty (among other metrics), which I have found to be super helpful in devising my own SEO strategy (even as a relative beginner to SEO).

Digital marketers across the globe use and trust SEMrush and is a tool utilized by small blogs all the way up to large businesses. This enhances their credibility and shows that it’s a worthwhile tool to use.

SEMrush Review

semrush review for beginners is semrush worth it

Our personal verdict after using SEMRush is that it’s a 4.5/5 stars tool. It has amazing insight (honestly SO much great information) and really helps you craft an SEO strategy with ease. 

By being able to access keyword data, seeing organic search volume for those keywords and seeing other recommended keywords that may be less difficult to target, I’ve already been able to implement a lot of new keywords into my blog posts. 

My favorite feature is typing in competitor URL’s and seeing the keywords they rank for, and searching for options with less difficulty that I can target and hopefully rank for. I found so many great keyword ideas that I could then brainstorm blog posts for!

I am also able to type in keywords for blog post ideas (that I didn’t come up with based on the previously mentioned strategy) and see the keyword suggestions that may be easier to rank for.

This allows me to make small tweaks in the blog post title and target keywords that I include to get better results all just by switching a couple words around or saying the same idea in a slightly different, higher search volume-targeted way.

SEMrush has a ton of other features, so many that as a non-SEO expert I really don’t even know how to use. But the few that I did utilize I felt had enormous value.

If you’re interested in going beyond my above strategies, there are no doubt many more ideas on how to use SEMrush in more advanced ways for even better results.

The only reason we didn’t give SEMrush a 5/5 star review is that these advanced tools can be difficult for beginners or intermediate-levels of SEO knowledge to understand, and are therefore don’t hold a lot of purpose for those that aren’t an expert but are paying for expert-level tools.

Is SEMrush worth it?

While it is pricey, I do believe that SEMrush is worth it because it offers so many great features like:

That being said, if you don’t want to shell out over a hundred dollars a month, I think it would be worth it to do a free trial or use it for one month and get absolutely all the information you possibly can during that period of time. 

Get all the keywords and backlink ideas as possible, as well as brainstorm as many blog posts as you can think of to target those keywords. Make a spreadsheet with all of your ideas. Just having SEMrush for a week and doing tons of keyword research, I was able to plan blog posts for the next 7 months.

You can also make a spreadsheet with all of your backlink ideas as well so you can write great, similar content and reach out to those publishers to hopefully publish your work.

You don’t need to consistently have a subscription if you front load your research and save it in spreadsheets to write that content later! 

So in summary, I think SEMrush is well worth the money but if price is an issue I would only get it for a month when you need it.

What are the limitations of SEMrush?

Like any tool, there always limitations to what it can do. There are some usage limits, which is a bummer. When you’re paying for it you’d think you’d be able to use it as much as you’d like!

However, you do get higher limits than you would do with its competitors like Ahrefs and Moz.

Is SEMrush good for beginners?

As I mentioned in one of the previous sections, I am a relative newbie to SEO. I am not a complete beginner but I would not say I am anywhere near as advanced as some.

So I would definitely say that SEMrush is good for beginners, it has a lot of valuable and easily obtained keyword data and information that you can take action on. 

This data can be used to create winning paid ad campaigns, optimize your blog or website, and find keywords that you can use to target your ideal audience and improve your search traffic results.

It’s also great as you become more proficient at SEO and want more advanced features as it has plenty of those as well. Including:

Benefits of SEMrush

We’ve discussed all the great qualities (and a few drawbacks) of SEMrush, but I’ll make it super simple for those you that like to skip right ahead to a skim-able list.

These are the benefits of SEMrush:

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