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Looking for a new digital product idea to make money online? This simple idea is perfect to sell as a digital product on Etsy or your own shop!

Everyone loves having a unique and current phone wall paper, so much so that lots of people even buy them online.

They can reflect the user’s unique personality, or maybe just a pretty refresh for the season!

If you’re creative and ready to make some extra money online, this might just be a great idea for you.

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How to Sell Phone Wallpapers Online
How to Make Phone Wallpaper To Sell Online
Can You Make Money Selling Phone Wallpaper Online?
Spring Phone Wallpaper Ideas

How to Sell Phone Wallpapers Online

Selling phone wallpapers online can be a great side hustle idea or an additional digital product idea for your Etsy store! It requires a little bit of creativity but absolutely can be done by anyone, all you need are the proper steps to get started!

Note: if you already have an online store or Etsy shop, skip ahead to Step 3.

Step 1: Decide where to sell your wallpaper products

First thing’s first, you’ll need to decide where you want to sell phone wallpaper online. Do you want to sell them on Etsy or do you want to differentiate your small business with your own Shopify store?

If you make lots of digital products and printables, having your own Shopify store may help you market your products better and make your business look more professional. You’ll also have less direct competition since you’re obviously the only one selling on your site, in comparison to Etsy where there are a gajillion sellers.

Step 2: Create your store

Whether you’re on Etsy or Shopify, you’ll need to create your store that you plan to sell on. This includes coming up with a name, creating a logo, and setting up all of the backend information that those websites will require of you.

Step 3: Make your phone wallpapers!

Now for the fun part, create your beautiful phone wallpaper that you can sell in the next step. To get started, read the next section on how to actually make those phone wallpaper graphics.

Step 4: Create your listings

Once you’ve made your wallpaper graphics, you’ll need to create your product listings. Make sure you describe very well what the product is and the process to download the image.

You will also want to make sure you have great product imagery and include keywords in the product title, description, and tags so that potential customers can find you.

Get inspired by other Etsy listings to help you craft your perfect description and title, as well as help you know what information to include and which keywords to target.

Step 5: Market your products (optional)

You can promote your new wallpaper products on social media, simply as posts or as ads. You can also share them on Pinterest to expand your reach and get your beautiful phone wallpapers out in front of Pinterest users.

How to Make Phone Wallpapers to Sell Online

Platforms like Canva make it super easy to design your own phone wallpapers to sell. They even have lots of templates to help get you started (see above)!

But you won’t want to get lazy and just use those templates without making any adjustments. That isn’t going to help you stand out or make sales, you have to be unique.

To make phone wall paper on Canva, first you’ll need to create an account (there’s a free option).

Next, type in “phone wall paper” into the search bar to start getting inspired. From there, you’ll want to create your own by selecting the “Create a blank phone wallpaper” at the top of the templates page.

This will help you have the correct image size (which is definitely important). Then start designing away!

You may also want to look around on Etsy to see which designs are popular and brainstorm how you can put your own spin on them to make them unique.

Can You Make Money Selling Phone Wallpaper Online?

You can absolutely make money selling phone wallpaper online! While there are a lot of factors that will determine how successful you are at it – like all businesses and side hustles – there is enormous potential here.

As you can see below there are quite a few designs already on Etsy, but if you’re creative and can set yourself apart you can really stand out and up your chances of making sales.

If you are also already on Etsy and have existing listings, your chances of getting traffic to your store are higher. This could be a great standalone product or a winning starter product for your Etsy shop!

It also has the added bonus of becoming a completely passive business idea! Once you have your wallpaper designed and uploaded to Etsy or your own shop, you can have it set to fulfill automatically by emailing your purchaser a link to download it right away.

This takes all maintenance and upkeep away from you, allowing you to focus on other endeavors or on creating new products.

Spring Phone Wallpaper Ideas

Get inspired with these trendy and eye-catching wallpaper ideas, then put your own spin on them!

Butterfly Phone Wallpaper

What’s more perfect for spring than beautiful butterfly wall paper for phones? There aren’t a lot of people doing designs with butterflies and that is a super big mistake, it’s so pretty for spring. It’s also feminine and fun, which is super in right now. Give the butterfly phone wallpaper idea a try in your designs!

Floral Phone Wallpaper

Florals are a tried and true phone wallpaper staple, especially in spring and summer. Incorporate dainty flowers or bold floral arrangements into your phone wallpaper products!

Custom Ombre Phone Wallpaper

Make a custom option for customers – people love to personalize! These ombre color schemes are perfect for spring and summer phone wallpapers.