Disclosure: we cannot guarantee the success of these Etsy digital product ideas. Whether or not it makes $1000, more, or less is up to you. This is not guaranteed financial advice, just ideas to help you become the modern entrepreneur you dream of being!

If you are looking for profitable digital product ideas to sell on Etsy, or you’re looking to expand your current Etsy offerings, you’re in the right place! There are lots of options for what you can sell on Etsy, or in your own online shop, but digital products top the list for easy passive income ideas, and don’t require you to keep any inventory.

Selling digital products on Etsy is a great side hustle idea, and can become quite the income booster over time! The best part is that after some upfront work, it can become completely passive and automated. This means you won’t need to spend any daily or weekly time on it, you’ll just be watching the dollars roll in!

Read on to see our 5 favorite Etsy digital products that could make you over $1000 per month, or possibly even more! The ball is in your court with these great ideas.

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  1. Mockups

If you aren’t familiar, mockups are digital renderings of a photo to help showcase a product, like a T-shirt or a canvas tote.

The purchaser of the mockup then will typically add their customization to the photo to correspond with their store offering. Such as adding their logo or adding a cute phrase or design to a shirt. 

There’s a huge demand for mockups with many people starting print-on-demand businesses and online boutiques. These small business owners or digital entrepreneurs don’t want to or aren’t able to take photos of their own products. That’s the beauty of mockups!

These mockups have to come from somewhere, making for a great opportunity as a digital product idea that anyone can sell.

To create your own mockups, you’ll need to order the product samples (they are usually inexpensive) and you will then take pictures of the products in different settings. You don’t need a fancy camera, you can just use your phone if it takes great pictures!

Get an idea of what sells on Etsy by searching for “T-shirt mockups,” or whichever products you are interested in doing mockups for.

This Etsy digital product idea is great for someone that has a creative eye and is good with a camera.

2. Business Card Templates

A lot of business owners are looking for a way to stand out, and a boring business card just isn’t going to cut it. This can be a great digital product idea if you have a great eye for design and know basic graphic design skills, or willing to learn how to use a site like Canva. It makes the graphic design process super simple.

Designing these templates on Etsy will allow customers to download them as a copy, then add their own names and information. You’ll need a pro Canva subscription to allow for copy downloads.

3. Wedding Invitation Templates

Along the same lines of the business card templates, wedding invitation templates are an excellent addition to your Etsy shop. It’s not secret that the wedding industry is hugely profitable and with many people planning weddings after pandemic delays, now is a great time to create wedding invitation digital products!

Follow the same process as you would with business card templates, go onto a site like Canva to create your template designs. From there, customers can download the copies of the template and make adjustments like their name, wedding date, and other information. You will need a pro plan on Canva so that customers can download their own copies of the template.

4. Instagram Templates

Another Canva create and copy template idea! Many business and social media marketing agencies, don’t have the time or desire to create a perfectly curated Instagram feed. They’d rather buy and use a pre-made Instagram template for their business and focus on what they’re good at, running their business!

Design curated collections of templates in different aesthetics on Canva and allow for customers to download a copy when they make a purchase. 

5. Cosmetic & Skincare Labels

With many new small skincare and cosmetic companies entering the market, even on Etsy itself, this is a great opportunity to design beautiful labels for them to use and personalize to their brand. Some great ideas within this niche are:

6. Thank You Cards

Many Etsy sellers add thank you cards into their packages to give a more personalized feel to their customers. Design a beautiful selection of Thank You Cards that you can sell on Etsy and buyers can download right away and print at home. 

7. eBook Templates

Self-publishing is a hot side hustle idea right now, and one that you can capitalize on with your Etsy digital products. Create eBook templates in Canva and provide the template links to customers after their purchase. They might take a little extra time to make, but you can typically charge more than the other types of templates on this list.

8. Fitness Planner

Help people plan out their workouts and diets with a fitness planner that helps them focus on their goals. Fitness planners help them stay organized and stay motivated to reach their fitness goals. Great pages to include:

9. Daily Journals

Many people like to journal about their day or write down what they’re grateful for. Create printable journal pages that have a space where the writer can fill in the date. You could also include motivational phrases and quotes throughout and goal pages to make your journal more unique and desirable.

10. Printable Planners

Planners are a great way to help people stay organized and motivated to work towards their goals. Design multiple covers with the same interior pages to increase your digital offering without much extra work.

Popular Tools for Creating Digital Products:

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