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With the cost of living ticking up (seemingly by the day), there are many people on the hunt for a gig that will make them 100 dollars a day. Truly, we could all use a little extra cash most of the time!

So if you’re looking for a creative and fast way to make an extra $100 a day and improve your monthly cash flow, we have 24 ideas for you try today. 

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  1. Survey Sites

    If you love giving your opinion, this may be the option for you. Get paid for your input on products or services in the form of a survey, testing products or websites, or watching videos.

    You can find surveys on websites like Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, and LifePoints.

  2. Make Deliveries

    A great way to make at least $100 per day is to work a delivery app job. There are many, many people that are busy and happy to pay someone to pick up their groceries or meals and deliver them to their houses or office. 

    You will need a Driver’s License, a car, and auto insurance. Check out these delivery apps for driving jobs:

    • DoorDash

    • InstaCart

    • GrubHub

    • Uber Eats 

  3. Cash Back Rewards

    Claim extra money when you sign up for a cash back program and earn cash back as you spend. If you’re spending anyway, you might as well make it work for you!

    Our favorites are the Discover credit card cash back program, the web browser extension Rakuten, and the Albert app, an app that helps you manage your financial accounts (which would be good to have anyway).

  4. Freelance on Fiverr

    Welcome to the gig economy! There’s a need for basically every skill, so think about what service you can offer and create a listing on Fiverr for it. You can go on the website and look around for ideas that you might be able to use for yourself. 

  5. Freelance on UpWork

    Similarly to Fiverr, UpWork is another popular gig website many freelancers flock to.

    Freelancing on UpWork or any freelance website can easily lead to an extra $100 per day. Depending on your skill and price your services are offered at, you may only need to do one gig per day.

  6. Data Entry Jobs

    There are many data entry and simple admin jobs available where you can work on an hourly basis. Search for them on FlexJobs, Upwork, Indeed, or Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.

  7. Odd Jobs on TaskRabbit

    If you’re handy or helpful, TaskRabbit may be a great option for you. This app is loaded with small jobs people with help with around the house.

  8. Watch Videos with InboxDollars

    This app will pay you to watch popular interest videos and complete a survey after.

  9. Play Games with Swagbucks Live

    Play trivia games and earn cash prices and discounts. Just download Swagbucks Live for free. You may also want to try Mistplay, it offers a similar experience.

  10. Become a Virtual Assistant

    As more and more businesses form and many jobs go online, this job is super in demand and can even be your full time gig!

    Working as a virtual assistant gives you freedom to work from home or while you travel, as well as have a lot of different options for hours depending on who you’re working for.

    As you become more proficient and take on more duties, you’ll likely see a pay increase as well. Find a virtual assistant job on Indeed or just give it a Google search. 

  11. Dog Walking

    Many people have dogs that just sit at home all day while they work and they’d be happy to pay someone to take their fur baby out for a walk.

    As long as the dogs get along, you can even walk multiple in one hour to increase your hourly earning potential.

  12. Petsitting

    Many people go on vacation without their pets and that creates a need for petsitting. Many people don’t like taking their dogs to pet boarding facilities and would rather pay someone to watch them in their own home. 

  13. Babysitting

    Ah, the tried and true money-making method of your teenage years: babysitting. There are loads of great opportunities on and

    You could also post on your neighborhood Facebook page, NextDoor, or put flyers up in your neighborhood to get gigs.

  14. Sell Products on Etsy

    If you’re crafty and enjoy making things, creating and selling products on Etsy is a great side hustle.

    Go on the Etsy website and take a look around at the popular products to see if it’s something you’d like to make and sell.

    There are entire websites and Youtube channels dedicated to Etsy selling so there’s plenty of information out there to help you be successful at it.

  15. Sell Digital Products on Etsy

    If you don’t have a desire to make anything by hand but still consider yourself a creative person, you can design digital items on Etsy.

    Make planners, calendars, bachelorette party game PDF’s, or even custom bookmarks on Photoshop or Canva then sell on Etsy.

  16. Participate in Research Studies

    Earn cash with paid research studies or focus groups. Typically, you’d be testing out a product or food and giving your feedback on it.

    Check out Pinecone Research or just Google “paid research studies in my area” to search for gigs.

  17. Sell Old Items on Ebay or Facebook Marketplace

    If you have a storage locker or piles of stuff sitting in your basement or closets, you may have some items worth selling.

    Take inventory of clothes, jewelry, or home goods you don’t need anymore and start listing them for sale online. 

  18. Proofread or Edit Other People’s Writing

    If you have great grammar and spelling, becoming a freelance copyeditor might be a great way to earn extra money.

    Search for jobs on Indeed or Fiverr. You could even create your own website to promote your services.

  19. List Old Jewelry on Worthy

    If you have an old engagement ring, gold earrings, or other valuable jewelry you’re ready to give a new home, consider listing it on Worth. This is an online auction site specifically for jewelry, they even do free GIA-certified appraisals.

  20. Rent Out a Spare Room

    Rent out a spare room in your house as a short term rental on Airbnb or as a long term rental for a more permanent arrangement. Or rent out your entire place while you’re on vacation.

    Either option can easily exceed making you an extra $100 per day depending on where you live.

  21. Wrap Your Car

    Turn your vehicle into a mobile ad and make hundreds of dollars per month without any extra on your part. Check out for more information.

  22. Donate Plasma

    Earn money and help people who are sick by donating plasma. You can donate regularly if you’re eligible and healthy.

  23. Sell Your Old Tech with Decluttr

    Many people have old cell phones or laptops they no longer use that are sitting and collecting dust. Sell them with the Decluttr site and app to make some extra cash.

  24. Rent Out Space in Your Garage or Shed

    If you have extra space in your garage, basement, shed or storage unit, you can rent it out on a platform like Neighbor. You can also post on Facebook or Craigslist with what you’re offering and the price you’re looking for rent.

  25. Drive for Uber or Lyft

    You’ve probably heard of this side hustle before, but it’s of course worth mentioning because it can absolutely earn your an extra $100 per day. You could even just do a couple of rides on your way home from work during the peak time of rush hour!

  26. Rent Out Your Car

    If you’re working from home or don’t need your vehicle, rent out your car for people on vacation to use on an app like Torro. Or you could even rent out your car on a platform like HyreCar for people to use for Uber or Lyft driving.

  27. Become a Tutor

    After-school or weekend tutoring can be a great way to earn extra money if you’re proficient in any academic subject. You can even do online tutoring so you’re not restricted to your immediate area.

  28. Be a Part-Time Mover

    There are so many people moving from house to house or city to city right now, that means the demand for hired moving help is huge. Use an app like Dolly to pick up moving gigs here and there for extra cash.

  29. Lawn Mowing and Landscaping

    If you enjoy being outside and moving around, this is a great and potentially lucrative side hustle. Many people want a beautiful yard but don’t want to (or can’t) spend their time mowing the lawn, trimming the bushes, or laying down new mulch, that’s where you come in!

  30. Become a House Sitter

    If you’re looking to earn extra money sporadically, house sitting using a platform like House Sitters of America will help you do just that.

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